Evaluation of risks induced by Bisphenol A in materials in contact with food…

Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in many applications of materials or articles intended for food contact. It can be found as a monomer in the manufacture of polycarbonates, and intervenes in the production of the epoxy-phenolic resins....



Lubricants in the food chain…

During the manufacturing of packaging intended for foodstuffs, it is important to restrict contamination by the lubricants used on the manufacturing machines components. While it is difficult to prevent all...



New guarantees for inks used on materials and articles in contact with food…

Following the ITX (2-Isopropyl thioxanthone) sanitary crisis in 2005, the new EC regulation n°2023/2006 published in late 2006, which come into effect on January 18, 2007, will introduce, as of August 1, 2008, new rules relating...



Improving safety and quality of European ready-to-eat foods: launching of the European High Q RTE project (6th PCRD)

The High Q RTE project just started. LNE will participate as a partner to this three-years project lead by the University of Bologna – Dept. of Agro-Food Protection and Valorisation.The main objective of this project is to...



Traceability: an obligation for materials and objects intended to be into contact with foodstuffs.

The 27th October of 2006 will mark the enforcement of the article 17 of the European regulation n°1935/2004, submitting materials and objects intended to come into contact with foodstuffs to an obligation of traceability . The...


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