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In order to guarantee the health safety of materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, packaging manufacturers, consumer goods manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in the food industry need reliable, up-to-date information on applicable regulations in the field of food contact and hygiene.

contactalimentaire.com  website is a watch and assistance tool in the field of food contact materials. In this website you will find:

  1. up-to-date, comprehensive, precise and clear information on applicable regulatory requirements in France and Europe.
  2. materials and packaging health safety watch.
  3. compliance assistance with all applicable requirements on plastic materials.
  4. a place where you can exchange information on the subject of food contact materials with industrials from various sectors

contactalimentaire.com  website is in french language. Except some specific information, only the home page is in english language.

contactalimentaire.com website was developed with the support of the French Ministry in charge of Industry.

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