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What is RSS? 

 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are flows of free contents updated in real time coming from web sites proposing some news .

It is a means simple and free to be informed of the news published on websites offering this service. They take back the titles, the summaries and some links bringing to the integral articles to consult on line .

Thanks to this format, you do not need more to consult one by one your sites preferred to be informed of their news: it is sufficient to insert their wire of RSS information in a compatible software to have all your sources of information incorporated on only one screen.

Thus, by recovering wire of information of our site., you can display on your computer the last news published, without have to connect on our home page.

How to access RSS flows?

To receive RSS, it is necessary to install a news reader or news aggregators (ex: RssReader; ) or to use a browser offering this possibility (ex: Firefox). You can also reach it by your electronic messaging (if it offers to you the possibility)

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