Ongoing review of the EU legislation on plastics intended to be in contact with foodstuff

The European Commission is currently working to update and consolidate the regulatory provisions applicable to plastics intended for contact with foodstuff. The draft, called PIM for "Plastic Implementation Measure", notably aims  to modify the following disposals:

- expansion and clarification on the scope of EU legislation; 
- details and clarification on the modalities to be used to demonstrate the compliance of materials with the requirements;
- changes in terms about the control of the migration: Some provisions, in the future, will be described in a guidance, not in the legislation itself (in particular to facilitate the upgrades). Changes are envisaged in the rules for testing of migration (simulants to be used, temperature and duration of testing).

The consolidation of the texts will bring together the various existing directives that currently apply to plastic materials (Directives n°2002/72/EC, n° 2004/1/EC, n°2004/19/EC, n° 2005/79/EC n° 2007/19/EC, n°2008/39/CE, n° 82/711/EEC, n° 93/8/EEC, n°. 97/48/EC, n°85/572/EEC, no 78/142 / EEC, n° 80/766/EEC and n° 81/432/EEC).

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