Verdicts of the European Commission (EC) on Mineral Oils

The European Commission (EC) announced on June 20, 2012 that no decision will be taken before 2014 on whether to introduce legislation against the potential threat of Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOH) in foods and packaging.


06-05-12Authorities' life

EFSA undertakes a reassessment based on exposure and low dose effects of BPA

EFSA has launched a new risk assessment focused on the exposure and potential effects at low doses associated to bisphenol A (BPA) used in food contact materials. EFSA will proceed to a review of all data, available scientific...


02-06-10Authorities' life

EFSA works on risk assesment for nanoparticles in food contact materials

One of the matters of concern regarding nanoparticles is whether they can migrate into food from packaging materials. In an attempt to answer this question, EFSA has established a working group and is currently preparing new...



6th updated by the EFSA of the list of requests for authorization of recycling processes of plastics intended for food contact

This is the 6th update of the Community register, originally published on 6/07/2009. It list's the recycling processes of plastics intended for food contact under evaluation by EFSA. The evaluation of these processes by EFSA...



The rubber and plastic gloves intended to be in contact in food into the work program of ISO

ISO TC45 / SC4 has included in its work program, the creation of standards specifications for rubber and plastic gloves intended for food contact. The products concerned are gloves used in the food industry and those used in...


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