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The packing intended for the conditioning of food products is today an important economic actor of the French sector in the European Community, that ensures many engineering functions (protection, quality, hygiene, logistical resources, identification and communication medium, etc.), but it is also submitted to strong regulatory constraints linked to sanitary safety.

 Today, many research teams deal with problems relevant to the packing of food products, meeting various needs expressed by the manufacturers that produce packaging, the users in the food chain (agri-food industry, retail), consumers or regulatory proceedings.

Several great research axes may be now identified:

- the impact of packaging on the quality and safety of food products. This theme ambition notably includes the control of migrations of chemical compounds and the triggering of neoformed compounds, taken up under analysis and modelling. The microbiological quality of packaging is also taken into account in the context of works intended to develop detections approaches of microorganisms and prevention of biocontamination of the surfaces or decontamination technology of packaging or food products packaged;

-protection of food products at the level of distribution and setting of systems and procedures enabling to identify the origin of materials and substances used to ensure the traceability;

-impact of the packing on the food preferences of consumers, through human factor studies and sensory trials.

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