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The industrials who manufacture the packaging intended to come into contact with foods wish to upgrade today some provisions set up in the company concerning the hygiene and the quality of their production or the specific characteristics of their products. To fill this request and allow the packaging industry to meet the guarantee requests of consumers and their clients of the agri-food sector, certification systems were established. 

Concerning hygien in companies, some certificates are specific to the field of the packaging production designed to come into contact with foods: it concerns the LNE-Hygiene/HACCP, BRC/loP, AIB and FEFCO/ESBO certificates for the corrugated board and the solid fiberboard. Works performed by the CEN/TC 261 Packaging on the hygiene management in the packaging production intended for foods and that aim at developing a certifiable system on this subject are also showed. Some certificates are more general and are applicable to the whole companies of the agri-food sector. This concerns the Danish certificate DS 3027 E or the standard ISO 22000. The certificates IFS and CCvD-HACCP that are non-applicable today in the field of the packaging production are also presented.

Furthermore, there are product certifications that aim at guaranting the specific characteristics of some products : it includes the NF-Freezer bags, NF-Aluminium wrap and the NF -Food hygiene for facilities intended for agri-food industries.

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