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Inertness criteria to be met

 Migration of lead and cadmium below the limits :

-Articles which CANNOT be filled and articles which can be filled with a depth below 25 mm:

Lead < 0,8 mg/dm² of material

Cadmium < 0,07 mg/dm² of material

-All other articles which can be filled:

Lead < 4,0 mg/l of material

Cadmium < 0,3 mg/l

-Cooking ware; packaging and storage vessels:

Lead < 1,5 mg/l of material

Cadmium < 0,1 mg/l of material

-Oral contact

Lead < 2,0 mg/article

Cadmium < 0,2 mg/article

Applicable texts

Directive n° 84/500/EEC of 15/10/1984 on the approximation of the law of the Member States relating to ceramic articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs (amendment: directive n°2005/31/EC)

 Order of 7/11/1985 relating to limitation quantities of lead and cadmium extractable from ceramic articles in contact or intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, products and drinks (order amending:order of 23 May 2006)

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