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Inertness criteria to be met

- Chemical compound (Stainless steel, Aluminium)
- Undesirable elements content (Others metals)

- Lead (< 0,05 %)
- Cadmium (< 0,010%)
- Arsenic (< 0,030%)

- Specific migrations of metallic elements (Coating and miscellaneous)

- Nickel (< 0,5mg/kg of foodstuff)
- Chromium (< 5mg/kg of foodstuff)
- Zinc (< 10 mg/kg of foodstuff)
- Lead (< 4 mg/kg of foodstuff)
- Cadmium (< 0,3 mg/kg of foodstuff)
- Copper

Texts applicable to tin

 Decree n°76-492 of 28/05/1976 applying the law from 01/08/1905 on the repression of frauds concerning the trade of tin made articles 

 Tin and tin alloys sheet

Texts applicable to steels

Order of 13/01/1976 relating to materials and articles in stainless steel in contact with foodstuffs

 Stainless steel sheet

 Steel and stainless steel with metallic coating sheet (unpackaged)

 Steel and stainless steel with organic coating sheet (unpackaged)

 Steel used for packaging with metallic coating sheet (tinplate)

 Steel used for packaging with organic coating sheet

 Steel sheet (unpackaged

 Non-coated steel for packaging sheet (black plate)

Texts applicable to aluminium

 Order of 27/08/1987 relating to materials and articles made in aluminium or aluminium alloys in contact with foodstuffs, products and drinks

 Aluminium and aluminium alloyssheet :sheet N°1 coated aluminium, single-use, long-duration contact (packaging) 

 Aluminium and aluminium alloys sheet : sheet N°2 coated aluminium, repetitive use, short-duration contacts

 Aluminium and aluminium alloys sheet : sheet n°3 non-coated aluminium, single-use, variable duration contact

 Aluminium and aluminium alloyssheet : sheet n°4 non-coated aluminium, repetitive use, variable duration contact

Texts applicable to cast iron

Cast iron sheet

 Cast iron sheet with metallic coating

 Cast iron sheet with organic coating

Texts applicable to zinc

 Zinc sheet

Texts applicable to whitened metals

Object in various coated metal (whitened metal) 


 Order of 15/11/1945 giving the list of materials suitable for manufacture of measuring instruments and not having ill effect for the public health

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