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The standards concerning materials and items intended to come into contact with foodstuffs aim mainly at providing the instruments to demonstrate the conformity to the regulation. It often concerns standards describing analytical protocols. Those standards come first from the CEN TC 194 (Cookwares) for all the methods enabling to garantee the inertia of plastics (migration measurement Methods or assay methods of residual value of a substance in materials). Some standards were also written within the CEN TC 172 (Papers/Cardboards) for the cellulosic material analysis. Moreover, some methods were published by the CEN TC 261 (Packaging) for the packaging material analysis.

Furthermore, some specification standards which deal with the capacity to contact with foodstuffs. Those standards are about metals (Aluminium and aluminium alloys- see CEN TC 132, steel - see BNAC 43-00) and the finished articles such as tableware articles (see ISO TC 186) and child care articles (see CEN TC 252).

Last, some standards describe the analytical protocols in the field of cleanability of materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs to assess the microbiological quality of materials but most of the standards was set to help agri-businesses to set up provisions of hygien control whose scope includes packaging materials (see ISO TC 34).

Before publishing a standard, several steps will enable to outline the content. After having the consensus of the views of the participating experts of the project preparation, an extensive consultation with the economic actors in the form of a pilot inquiry will be performed to check if the text of the standard complies with the general interest. After examining the inquest and considering the observations received, the standard will be approved by the standards body and then published and transposed into a national standard.

The following links enable to obtain the development status of the ongoing projects by the standards committee:


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