ProPack Food Training: one dedicated to professionals in the food packaging website

To support industrial and trainers in the field of packaging in contact with food, RMT (Réseau Mixte Technologique) ProPack Food, coordinated by LNE under the auspices of the ACTIA *, has launched its platform Food web ProPack Training.
Built on both an educational and fun way, this site provides professional, practical guides to decision support, case studies in the form of quizzes, courses on packaging, handouts, contacts and professional relationships and will be regularly updated according to regulatory, scientific and technical developments. The new practice guide " Ability packaging in contact with food " is also a free download on the site.

Specialist packaging in contact with food, LNE has contributed to it alongside two other partners RMT CASIMIR and INRA.

Site ProPack Food Training:

Learn more about the activities of LNE in the field of packaging and food contact.


- RMT ProPack Food : Catherine Loriot
- Prestations LNE : Customers service

* ACTIA : Réseau français des Instituts techniques agro-industriels

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