The DG SANCO has put online the guidance on general aspects of Regulation (EU) N° 10/2011

The general guidance about regulation (EU) N° 10/2011 was published on 21/02/2014. This Guidance document is part of a series of documents to provide guidance on application of Regulation (EU) N° 10/2011 on plastic materials and...



Amendment of the order of 8 September 1999 by that of 19 December 2013 concerning the methods and products used for cleaning materials and articles in contact with food

The order of 8 September 1999 was amended by the order of 19 December 2013. The annex to the previous order is amended in accordance with the annex to this order. This order also repeals the provisions of the order of 2 January...



Result of a survey of the DGCCRF on rubbers intended for food contact

Checks of the regulation respect of rubber products intended for contact with foodstuffs were carried out by the DGCCRF in January 2014. They targeted primarily manufacturers , processors, importers, then wholesalers and...



DGCCRF's survey on flexible plastic films for food packaging

In September 2013, flexible plastic films intended to come into contact with foodstuffs have been monitored by the DGCCRF to verify their suitability for food contact. Overall, the survey concerned the verification of labeling...



The potential harmfulness of recycled papers and cardboards for food packaging

According to an analysis procedure of organic contaminants in recycled papers and cardboards developed by the Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Chemistry at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Piacenza (Italy),...


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